Corporate Operations

Corporate Infrastructure

  • IT Systems & Services, including design, creation, development and validation
  • IT Help Desk support
  • Data Management and Storage / Disaster Recovery


Drug Product / CMC Development and Manufacturing Services

  • Technical & outsourcing support; Quality-By-Design program development


  • Key employee recruitment, compensation analysis & contracts
  • Interim short term senior management Executives
  • CEO , CFO, COO, CMO, HR, Sales, Marketing, for start-up companies, short term projects
  • Permanent Staff Recruitment, vetting and placement
  • Manufacturing Services






When your company has an important job to do...

We get it done


Black Mountain Consulting Group helps pharma business leaders Get Things Done.

That's because we offer you more than good ideas and expert knowledge: we offer you immediate implementation.


We  understand that you want service that goes beyond a report full of useful recommendations.  You want a way to implement those recommendations..and you want  it done on a timely basis, by reliable people, who'll require a minimum amount of your management  time.

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